Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor

Hi everyone!  Today I want to show you Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor, which I am just now finding out has been discontinued (?!).  I have never seen this polish before anywhere, and this weekend I saw a huge display with tons of them.  Weird right?

Pearl Harbor has glitter that shifts between green-blue-gold that is suspended in a milky white jelly base.  Application was easy and the glitter is densely packed enough that I only needed 2 coats for lots of shimmer.  I've been on a winter-themed kick lately so I decided to layer this over white for a fun winter look.  I think this could make a fun New Year's mani too!  Even though the glitter is blue and green, I think you could layer it over many colors like black, all shades of blue and green, and maybe even dark purple or red for a noticeable contrast.  My one gripe is that the base doesn't dry clear, it actually dries with a slightly yellow tint.  My perfectly snow white mani is now more of a cream color, so be aware that if you want a perfectly white mani avoid using this polish over it.

This is 3 coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White, 2 coats of Pearl Harbor, and 1 coat of quick dry top coat.  One good thing about Pearl Harbor is that it doesn't eat top coat like other glitters so I only needed 1 coat of top coat.  Yay!

Photo taken in artificial light.

Photo taken in indirect sunlight.

Photo taken in indirect sunlight.

I had one more thing I wanted to show everyone.  Apparently Sinful Colors has a line of nail art polishes now.  I haven't updated my stash in a long time so this weekend I was surprised to see these at the drug store.  I have no idea how long they've been available, but just in case anyone didn't know I wanted to mention it.  I snapped a couple pics with my phone so I could show you.  Not surprisingly, they have a huge selection of colors.  It took a lot of self-control for me to not buy all of these. :)

That's all for today.  Thanks for reading! :)

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