Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cosmetic Arts Neon Green

Hi everyone!  I hope you're having a wonderful Thursday!  Lately I've been really loving neon and bright colors so I want to show you a neon green I just purchased at Ross.  It's from Cosmetic Arts, but doesn't have a name on the bottle, so I'm just calling it "Neon Green."  It's super bright and I've received several compliments on it.  I feel like it should glow in the dark because it's so bright. :)  The application was a little tricky since it's a thick creme, but it was opaque in 2 coats.  Dry time was average.

This is 1 coat of strengthening base coat, 2 coats of Neon Green, and 1 coat of quick dry top coat.  Photos taken in indirect sunlight.

Do any of you own this, and if so, do you know if it has a name?  Thanks for looking! :)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Wet n Wild Sunny Side Up & Mini Haul

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a wonderful day!  I did a small haul over the weekend because Shopko is having a 4th of July sale on Wet n Wild's Wild Shine nail polishes.  They're 3 for 1.98!  That's 66 cents each!  I purchased 6 because I can't pass up a good deal like that.  So, today I am going to show you one of the little beauties called Sunny Side Up, a bright tangerine creme.  Application was pretty easy and it was opaque in 2 coats.  The formula was easy to work with and the dry time was average.

This is 1 coat of strengthening base coat, 2 coats of Sunny Side Up, and 1 coat of quick dry top coat.

Photos taken in direct sunlight.

Are there any good deals happening at your local stores for the 4th? 

I also want to show you the rest of my haul.  I was so excited to find Gilty Pleasure because I've been looking foreeeeever for it and I grabbed the last bottle.  And I was able to get a backup of Kaleidoscope.   I can't wait to try them all out!

Thanks for looking! :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sally Hansen HD (Hi-Definition) Polishes: Part 2

Awhile back I showed you 2 of the Sally Hansen HD polishes that I got (DVD and Byte).  Well, I also purchased Laser and Spectrum and today I'm going to show you those.

Laser is a dark blue duochrome that has a subtle pink flash, which is much easier to see in the bottle than on the nail.  Like the other HD polishes, it's sheer and required 3 coats for opacity.

This is 3 coats to show you the actual color.  Photo taken in sunlight.

This is 1 coat of strengthening base coat, 2 coats of Sinful Colors Black on Black, 2 coats of Laser, and 1 coat of quick dry top coat.  I'm not totally in love with the results.  It's neat looking but I think the blue might be too dark.  Plus, there are way too many layers of polish on my nails. The jury is still out on this one.

Photos taken in indirect light.

Next, I want to show you Spectrum, a teal colored duochrome with a subtle pink flash, which is barely noticeable.  This is 3 coats to show you the actual color.  Photo taken in direct sunlight.

I decided to layer this one over OPI Whats [sic] With the Cattitude? (light blue) since it's a little sheer and I wanted it to be completely opaque. This is 1 coat of strengthening base coat, 2 coats of WWTC, 3 coats of Spectrum, and 1 coat of quick dry top coat.  I really love the color and was pleasantly surprised at how it looked on the nail.  In the bottle it looked like a gritty, chunky mess, but it's gorgeous on the nail.  This is definitely my favorite out of the 4 HDs that I purchased.  These photos don't do it justice either, it's so bright and richly colored, and the contrast against my skin tone is much more noticeable in person.

One quick note, if you want to layer it, you might want to choose a base color that is opaque in 1 coat since I ended up with 7 coats total and that's really excessive.  My nails are bulky with that much polish and I managed to smudge several of them before they were dry.  Also, the polish didn't completely harden for an entire day.  Can you say dent city?

How many coats of polish do you usually wear?  Do you think 7 coats is excessive? :)

Thanks for looking!  :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Revlon Plum Seduction

I want to show you a new polish I got called Revlon Plum Seduction, a berry-pink creme.  It's very pretty and I've already worn it twice!  The application was great and totally opaque in 2 coats.  I'm wearing one coat of strengthening base coat and 2 coats of Plum Seduction.  It's super shiny even without top coat too!  The color isn't exactly accurate here.  The last 2 photos are a better representation of the color.

I also got some LA Colors Art Deco polishes for nail art and wanted to try them, so I came up with this:

The base color is Plum Seduction.  I used Wet n Wild Night Prowl for the dots and each of LA Colors Art Deco Black and Magenta for the stripes.  I added a rhinestone for a little extra flash.

Thanks for looking!! :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Probably the Oldest Polish I Own...

I finally got to wear that bottle of polish from high school and it's a lot prettier than I remembered!  And no, I'm not a hoarder.  :)  It's from NYC, but there's no name on the bottle, so I'm just calling it "purple."  It's a shimmery purple with a blue iridescent flash.  It was hard to capture the color shift on camera, but it's really very pretty.  This is 1 coat of strengthening top coat, 3 coats of purple, and 1 coat of quick dry top coat.

In sunlight:

In natural light:

Thanks for looking! :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

Glitter Bomb!

Glitter!  I love it!  I want to show you 3 awesome glitter polishes today.

Wet n Wild Sparked

Sparked has LOADS of silver and pink glitter in a clear base.  I only needed 2 coats layered over my brown franken.  It's gorgeous in the sunlight and super sparkly.  Application was a breeze and it dried quickly.  I only needed 1 coat of quick dry top coat to smooth it out.

In sunlight:

In natural light:

Wet n Wild Night Prowl

Night Prowl is really pretty in the bottle, but I wasn't impressed with it on the nail.  It's hot pink microglitter in a black base.  I applied 2 coats over Sally Hansen Black Diamond (black with silver shimmer).  After 2 coats it wasn't nearly as glittery as it looked in the bottle.  This is 2 coats over strengthening base coat and finished with 1 coat of quick dry top coat.

Sinful Colors Call You Later

Call You Later contains gold microglitter with large and medium sized green glitter in a clear jelly base.  It's pretty densely packed and I only needed 2 coats for full coverage.  I layered it over Sally Hansen Jumpin' Jade, a dark green shimmer.  I finished it with one coat of quick dry top coat.

Thanks for looking! :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011


So I was recently cleaning out some boxes and discovered an old bottle of NYC purple polish from high school!  It was like finding hidden treasure!  I haven't had a chance to wear it yet, but I'll post pics soon.  I also found some old makeup, mostly eyeshadow, that I knew I'd never wear.  There were a few greens and some brown, so I decided to use it for frankening.  I made a sage green and a chocolate brown that are surprisingly cute.  I was afraid the results would be disastrous but I'm starting to really like them.  Wanna see?

So here's the sage green.  The base color is Sally Hansen No Chip 10 Day color in Persistent Peony.  It's a sheer, milky, cream color with a pink iridescent flash.  I used a combination of olive green, teal, and sage green eyeshadows to achieve this color.  It's surprisingly neutral.  I also tried adding a sticker but the polish wasn't dry enough and it bubbled like crazy. :(  Better luck next time.

See the pink flash?  It doesn't really show on the nail.

Okay, so here's the brown.  Persistent Peony is the base for this color also.  I used a medium brown eyeshadow and a really dark brown eyeshadow for this one.  Here you go:

The pink flash is more obvious here.

Thanks for looking! :)