Friday, December 16, 2011

Claire's Glam

Hi everyone!  Today I want to show you a new color I picked up recently.  It's from Claire's and it's called Glam.  It has blue and green microglitter suspended in a clear jelly base.  It's hard to distinguish the separate pieces of glitter and just looks like a really vibrant, sparkly teal.  This polish is so pretty!  The camera didn't capture how vibrant and sparkly it is, unfortunately.  It's pretty sheer, and I needed 3 coats for opacity.  It applied relatively easy, but after 2 coats it started to get goopy and thick on my nails.  It dried super fast, which is a huge plus, especially after 3 coats!  I only needed 1 coat of top coat to smooth everything out.  Wear time was not so great.  It started chipping off in huge sheets after 2 days.  For some reason all jellies do this on me.  Does this happen to you with jellies too?

This is 3 coats of Glam and 1 coat of quick dry top coat.

Photo taken in artificial light.

Photo taken in artificial light.

Photo taken in artificial light.

Thanks for looking!! :)  And happy Friday!

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