Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dollar Store Success!

So I have been hearing legends about discontinued, yet stunningly beautiful, Sally Hansens popping up at dollar stores.  Mostly I've heard about Nail Prisms, a line of holographic polishes that are coveted by holo lovers, although a few other lines are known to appear mysteriously.  So over the weekend I decided to try my luck at my local dollar store.  I was so anxious on my way over there, but kept reminding myself not to get too excited, I probably wouldn't find anything.  As I made my way over to the nail polish rack I only saw some cream colored polishes, nothing good.  Then, as I checked behind the ugly cream colored polishes, I noticed they were actually mixed up on the rack, and in the back were 2 packs of Nail Prisms in Golden Tourmaline!!!  I went into a frenzy and cleared the shelf.  I couldn't believe I actually found some!  Okay, ready to see the little beauty?!

Golden Tourmaline is a pinky-coral color.  It's hard to describe, but it's very bright and really pretty.  The holographic qualities in this polish are pretty subtle.  It applies like a dream, and seems to be highly pigmented.  One coat was actually plenty but I applied 2 coats anyway, then a quick dry top coat.

In fluorescent light:

In sunlight:

I also found a gorgeous Sally Hansen No Chip 10 Day Nail Color while at the dollar store.  It's called Endless Night and this little beauty is a trickster.  In low light it just looks really dark maroon.  While at the store I thought I saw a slight shimmer, but wasn't sure, and figured for $1 why not take a shot at it?  I am so glad I did!

Now see how it looks black right here?

Wait for it... wait for it...

Red shimmers!!!

It's so pretty in the sunlight.  I love it!  And only a dollar!

So remember to check out your local dollar store, you never know what little treasures you might find!  Thanks for reading!

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