Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Beautiful Blue

Finally, a blue nail polish that I adore AND doesn't give me the dreaded lobster hands!  (Lobster hands: the term used when a specific color of nail polish is applied and said color brings out the red undertones in one's skin, thus making the hands appear more red than they actually are.)  I found this little beauty at my local drug store and to be honest, I am a little sad that I didn't find it sooner.  I present to you Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Pacific Blue.

The formula was thick and could easily be a one-coater, but I applied 2 for good measure.  It was actually bordering on annoying because it was so thick, and I ended up scraping off an entire nail and starting over.  (Don't be like me, don't scrape off your nail polish.)  This color reminds me of summer for some reason.  It makes me happy.

I found a random assortment of Wet n Wild nail polishes at my local discount store this past weekend for only $3.99 so I picked them up for frankens or to use for layering.  There were 5 in the box and they're not even labeled, but apparently they are part of a set called Nail Expressions.  There was one polish in particular which has a clearish-yellowish base with tiny silver shimmers.  A perfect top coat for spicing up any color.  I used it here.

I hope you enjoyed this insanely gorgeous shade of blue.  It's so bright and really is an eye-catcher.  Thanks for looking!!

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