Thursday, April 18, 2013

Water Designs Experiment

Hi everyone! Today's manicure is a fun one if you like water marbling or spotted manicures.  I've been seeing various tutorials floating (haha!) around the internet about how to use water and alcohol for a homemade spotted manicure and I decided to experiment with it.  I only used 2 things for this manicure: water and rubbing alcohol.

Natural light.

I started with my base color, Essie Nice is Nice, a gorgeous creamy lavender.  Next, I filled a cup with water and dripped a couple drops of Ulta Downtown Diva into the water (this is the same exact technique you would use if you were starting a water marble).  Then I took a fan brush and dipped it into the rubbing alcohol, and then tapped it on the side of the cup to spray the alcohol into the water.  The nail polish floating on the water immediately starts to curdle and make designs.  Then you simply dip your finger into the design and there you go!  This is super easy and way less work than a water marble (although the designs are much more abstract and you can't really control how they turn out).

Natural light.

Have you heard of this technique or tried it yet?  Do you like it?

Thanks for reading! :)

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