Thursday, March 22, 2012

Blue Ombre Tape Manicure

Hi everyone!  Today I have a tape manicure to show you.  I don't do tape manicures very often, but when I do they're fun and I usually like the result.  This one turned out pretty good, but I feel like the lines could have been a little crisper, especially with the darkest blue.  I was pressed for time and didn't want to push the tape too hard since I was sure it would pick up the polish too.  So, I ended up with some messy lines, but overall I like the result.

One note I'd like to add here - a lot of tutorials say to start with your first color (in this case the light blue), then add the next color in the order it appears (the medium blue), then layer the darkest color on top of that.  By the time you get to the darkest color you'll have stacked three layers of polish and it can easily turn into a thick bubbly mess.  In the interests of time and neatness, try starting with your middle color first, then tape off both sides and add the other two colors.  That way you're only layering two colors.  (This works best when you have very opaque, one-coat polishes.)

For this manicure I used OPI Whats [sic] With the Cattitude?, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, and Color Club Blue-topia.  I finished the look with 1 coat of quick dry top coat. 

One more point - I know it's probably unnecessary for me to add the [sic] but I feel like a multi-million dollar company like OPI should be able to hire someone with a command of the English language and the use of proper punctuation when creating their labels.  It looks really sloppy for them to be peddling polish with misspelled words, etc.  But they're notorious for having several versions of the same polish (read: poor quality control), so I guess this shouldn't be a surprise.  Shoot, if they pay a decent salary I'll double check their labels!

Anyway, stepping down from my soapbox...

Photo taken in sunlight.

Photo taken in sunlight.

I hope everyone is having a fantastic day!  Thanks for reading!

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