Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Color Club Back to Boho

Hi everyone! I don't have any photos today, but I just wanted to check in with everyone and say hi!  I hope you're all rocking fabulous manis as the seasons change and breaking out your favorite fall colors!

I wanted to tell you about a little treasure I found yesterday while at Ross.  I found half of the Color Club Back to Boho Collection!  I didn't even realize that it was released this month until I looked up the colors! They were sold as a set and there were 6 colors plus a top coat for only $6.99!  :D  I've been working really hard this semester and decided I owed myself a little reward so I purchased it.  Too bad they didn't have the other 6 colors.

The colors I have are:

Boho Mojo - silver pearl shimmer
Nouveau Vintage - metallic bronze/gold
Voodoo You Do - metallic blue/grey
Artsy Crafty - dark green creme
Blue-topia  - dark blue jelly
Rebel Spirit - dark chocolate brown creme (wearing it now and it almost looks black)

Sooo.... if you are looking forward to some great fall colors this might be it!  Happy manicures lovelies!

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