Thursday, June 16, 2011


So I was recently cleaning out some boxes and discovered an old bottle of NYC purple polish from high school!  It was like finding hidden treasure!  I haven't had a chance to wear it yet, but I'll post pics soon.  I also found some old makeup, mostly eyeshadow, that I knew I'd never wear.  There were a few greens and some brown, so I decided to use it for frankening.  I made a sage green and a chocolate brown that are surprisingly cute.  I was afraid the results would be disastrous but I'm starting to really like them.  Wanna see?

So here's the sage green.  The base color is Sally Hansen No Chip 10 Day color in Persistent Peony.  It's a sheer, milky, cream color with a pink iridescent flash.  I used a combination of olive green, teal, and sage green eyeshadows to achieve this color.  It's surprisingly neutral.  I also tried adding a sticker but the polish wasn't dry enough and it bubbled like crazy. :(  Better luck next time.

See the pink flash?  It doesn't really show on the nail.

Okay, so here's the brown.  Persistent Peony is the base for this color also.  I used a medium brown eyeshadow and a really dark brown eyeshadow for this one.  Here you go:

The pink flash is more obvious here.

Thanks for looking! :)


  1. Wow, that sage green is gorgeous!! great job on these frankens!