Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sally Hansen HD (Hi-Definition) Polishes

Alright, so I've been eyeing these little beauties for awhile and finally, finally caved.  I got 4 of them, but today I'm only going to show you 2 of them because I haven't had a chance to try the others.  The first one I tried, which was my favorite in the bottle, was DVD.  It's a light purple, almost blue, shimmery duochrome.  It's very sheer and I applied 3 coats before giving up and deciding it needed something opaque underneath.  I ended up applying 2 coats of LA Colors Tropical Breeze (a medium purple) and then 2 coats of DVD.  I also found some cute nail art stickers this weekend and I just had to try them out.  It's hard to tell in the photo, but the centers of the flowers and the dots are holographic.  So pretty!

This is 3 coats of DVD by itself so you can see how translucent it is.

And here it is layered over Tropical Breeze.

What do you think?

Now for Byte, which is gorgeous too.  It's a bright pink shimmer with a blue duochrome effect.  This one is also pretty sheer and I layered it over Jesse's Girl Breathless (iridescent bright pink) to achieve the desired opacity.  It's a stunner in the sunlight.

This is 3 layers of Byte by itself.

This is 2 coats of Byte layered over 1 coat of Breathless.

I had to use more of my new nail art stickers.  They're so easy to use!  Do you use nail art stickers?

Thanks for looking!


  1. These are so pretty!!
    I used to use nail stickers, but I quit. This summer, I'm going to make more of an effort to do decorative manis instead of just colors.

  2. Thank you! There are like 400 stickers in the set, it's awesome. And it's a lot easier than free-hand art. :)

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