Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jesse's Girl Wild Thing

Today I want to show you Jesse's Girl Wild Thing, a bright neon purple that caught my eye a little while ago.  I've worn it several times and it's so pretty!  It dries quickly with a matte finish, like most neons, and it's very opaque.  The formula is not great, and since it dries quickly I feel like I have to work super fast to prevent an uneven finish.  I hate when I can't take my time, so this one is frustrating to use, but the intensity of the color makes it all worth it.  I wanted to try some fun tips, so I used some crafting shears with a zig-zag pattern and cut some strips of tape to use as guides.  Then, I painted the tips with Sally Hansen Byte.  I was hoping for more contrast, but this combination is very subtle.  I like it anyway.

Thanks for looking!

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